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Split Pea Cookout!!!

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Here's an activity to keep little hands busy while you cook, in a way that makes them feel involved!

Let them come up with creative toasts, put wild and silly toppings on pizza, or make soup, cakes and stir-fry's abound! Make it an art activity by giving them glue along with their cardboard base!

All parents know that if you give a child some woodchips or mud, they'll make you just about anything you request....especially Ice Cream!

Level up that line of thought with colour! With 6 different colours, the ingredients that can be come up with are endless!

A great colour identification/association activity, not to mention awesome practice of dexterity and fine motor skills.

Don't let the fun stop at what you see here! What other foods do you think kids would love to decorate?

Bonus Tips:

  1. You don't need to use cardboard: draw your food on a piece of paper, use felt food or cut out felt pieces, there's lots of options.

  2. Don't mind throwing away a little of your materials? Try making your bases (bread/pizza) out of play dough and they can stick the ingredients down. Decorate play dough cupcakes, ice cream and more!

  3. Have a fussy eater? Try having them make what you're making for dinner/lunch that day and see if it encourages them to eat it!

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