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Fall Sensory Exploration

On arrival today, as usual, many questions about what I'd brought today surfaced. "Well we have some special art to do for mommy's birthday, and I brought new sensory bins to check out!" I replied, assuming the birthday excitement would take the drivers seat.

"Sensory! We want to do sensory bins!" They proclaimed excitedly, which immediately sent a happy twinge through my body!

Wondering what sensory play is? Here's a little peak into what it CAN look like! I say can because sensory play is a little different each and every time!

Today, with our fall themed boxes it ranged from making muffins as you see here, to making it "rain rice" (into their buckets thankfully!), to inspecting the other fall items (for authenticity in some cases) and more!

We put into practice our imaginations, deduction and motor skills, dexterity and more while we explored these fun thematic materials!

The really awesome thing about dry sensory materials is they can be used time and time again, from one year to the next and store easily in a large ziplock between seasons! This coloured rice is the same rice we used in our fall tree pictures a little while back, which was quickly noted by one of the children.

You can find products like these at and follow us for more tips on how to use them in a variety of ways!

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