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Funky Skeletons

On arrival today I found a book on the counter opened to a picture of a skeleton.... Which absolutely worked perfectly with what we had in store for the day!

We chose a skull size and got creating. We talked about what bones make up the body in varying degrees of detail for different ages, and then we decided to get a little silly with it! Can anyone spy the "turtle skeleton"?!

They loved this one so much we had to make another. It really brightens your day when you show up each time to an excited tour of the house so they can show you just where they chose to hang their creations from our previous play!

Next was our night sky bat scenes! We painted our bats black first, and then put a good solid base layer of glitter glue on our dark sky backgrounds (these things will need until Halloween to dry we're preparing for inevitable future home projects?). We chose veeeery specifically where the stars and moons would look their brightest (some of us added more glitter glue on top) and then for the last step, we placed our bats carefully among the night stars!

Then we got silly and spooky with it and made 1, 2 and 3 eyed moons and bats because, well, it's almost HALLOWEEN!!!

There's something so simply beautiful about the silliness of Halloween, and I love getting to be a part of that!

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