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Rice Roundup

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Today is a good day for rice! Not to eat though, to play with!!!

With rice running through my fingers I notice sensations. The small grains individually feel smooth and hard, but all together almost fluid. What an interesting texture!

I see colours and I think about what they're called, and what other things are that colour. I might even count how many colours there are.

I grab a spoon and see how many spoons full of rice fit into the measuring cup that I have. I grab a second, larger measuring cup and see how full it gets when I pour the rice into it from the smaller one. I ask mom or dad, "how come this one isn't full but this one was?" What a great gateway to a conversation about volume and measurements! I'm working on not only fine motor skills, but my brain too!

These are just a few ways that playing with sensory materials can be enriching and educational at various stages of development, but imagination is truly the only limit!

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