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Rainy Day Activity

Over several rainy days, we made our own rain!

From creating the sounds to creating the exteriors, these kids put it all into this one!

Each unique in composition and beauty, we can't wait to make music once these lovely creations are dry!

Materials: Mailing tubes, tinfoil, a variety of rice, beans and legumes, crazy glue, acrylic paint, stickers, glitter, glue and parchment paper.

We first wrapped the tinfoil into a two strand DNA-like structure and placed it into our tubes.

The children then took some time to consider what materials they wanted in their sticks and putting them in messily (you will have to sweep anyways, try not to stress about it!).

Once they were happy with their sound, I crazy glued the second end closed (do one end before you begin).

Now it was time to decorate. With a selection of colours to choose from they painted them just the way they wanted them, with varying degrees of attention to detail based and attention span based on age of the child. We left the paint to dry overnight with the tubes placed on their ends on top of parchment paper to protect the surface of the table.

Next we added some little sparkly stickers for some glitz, followed by a mixture of clear school glue and their choices of glitter colours to seal the paint, add some sparkle and protect the stickers!

After leaving them overnight on parchment (this is important! the glue will drip) and occasionally moving them as the glue settled, our creations were complete! What a process from start to finish, with so many conversation prompts along the way!

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