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Pumpkin Practice!

Choose your pumpkin, choose your stem, Choose your eyes, consider them, A nose and mouth make your face complete, Jack-O-Lanterns are really neat!

Do you know what must be really frustrating about being a kid? Not getting to make decisions for yourself!!!

In Creation Station's Enriched Childcare we do our best to give children as many scenarios where they get to be in control as we can!

Not only does this foster individuality, confidence and decision making skills, But it also makes the things they can't control a little less frustrating.

The results are in and making jack-o'-lantern faces proved to be silly, fun and strategic!

"Which mouth would be the scariest?!" asks one child as another grabs a second stem and places it in the middle of the pumpkins face.

While we practiced our fine motor skills and concepts of what makes up faces and pumpkins, we also had fun talking about and coming up with ideas for the inevitable pumpkin carving to come this month!

#whatsonyourjackolantern #sillyorspooky #pumpkinpractice

#Ihaveachoice #Incontrol #Jackolantern #athoughtfulprocess

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