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Playing With Patterns!

How many different patterns can you make using our Coloured Rainbow Pasta?!

There are so many combinations to experiment with, making this a new activity every time you bring it out!

This is a great time to sit down with your child and engage in some "monkey see monkey do" dynamics. Once your child notices the fun patterns you're making, they're likely to want to try too! It's pretty cool to watch the concept of patterns develop in a child's mind, and to encourage them as they begin to notice patterns all around them in the world!

Once your child has the concept of patterns down, you can try introducing other, smaller materials such as Coloured Chick Peas and Rice to challenge their concepts of shapes and colours even further, as well as their dexterity and fine motor skills. Beyond that, give them some paper and glue and let them make a picture of patterns for the fridge!

Some example questions you could pose during this activity include:

1) Can you make a pattern with 2 different shapes?

2) How could you add a 3rd shape?

3) Can you make a pattern using all yellow?

4) What about all round things?

5) What's the longest pattern you can make using the materials you have?

*Idea* Try taking a photo of the results the first time you introduce this activity, and then again once they've tried it a few times to see the awesome progress they're making!

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