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Oobleck with a side of Chalk Paint!

Today we explored the murky boundaries of solids and liquids, colour mixing, and momentum; all in one activity!

Did you know.... That oobleck and chalk paint are one in the same?

What started out as intrigue over the ever changing consistency of cornstarch and water, turned into a conversation about colour mixing when we added watercolours! After that, we took to the sunny patio to paint away with our mixtures.

The surprise element came along when we discovered that the patio was slightly slanted! How did we discover this, you might ask? Observation of course!

When we scooped some chalk paint onto the brick-work patio, a river developed before our eyes! The paint navigated through the edges of the bricks, mesmerizing all of us aged 2-31!

The fun in exploring things with children, is that you never know what you're going to find, or where your discoveries will lead conversationally.

To follow up on the activity, I suggested that the next time it rains, the family does their best to stop and watch the show! Will the colours mix? Will the rivers pick up where they left off? Will all of it wash away in a single rainfall? So many factors to talk about, consider, hypothesize on and watch unfold!

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