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Meatball Madness!

"To be silly at any age is to feed the brain, body and soul the nutrients it can't get from food. In short, silliness is sustenance for the soul." -Me!

When the kids wanted to try mixing the two colours of slime together, I knew exactly how it would go.

Sparkly transparent blue with solid colour orange; we were destined for something that looked like feces! And we all know how I expected that to go with two little boys in the room! However, we had been enjoying these beautiful batches of slime for some time now, and I'm not one to discourage scientific exploration.

Much to my surprise, rather than the 'obvious to me' route of play, we started a meatball factory!

We rolled and rolled and counted and then rolled some more!

Then we feasted fake style, gobbling every last meatball until we had balloon bellies that made for giggles all around.

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