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Play Dough and It's Many Uses!

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Play dough can be used in so many fun ways! Here’s some examples of the awesome ways one kiddo made his impressions on a big slab of dough. Fine motor skills, gross motor skills, pattern making and exploration of various materials’ behaviors are some of the things he practiced that day! To make these impressions the child used:

  1. Play Dough cutting arrow

  2. Lego

  3. The point of the arrow

  4. The tail of a toy whale

  5. The mouth of the toy whale

Imagine the things that could be incorporated into play dough fun if he made these impressions using 3 items! After this we talked about and made some patterns using the items.

Another favourite item to use for making impressions is toy animals to make different types of footprints!

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