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Get Experimental With...Colour Mixing!!!

Here comes another fun activity to try with our coloured chick peas!

For this activity you'll need:

  • Cups/bowls to make colours in

  • Coloured chick peas, various colours

  • Ice cube tray or more vessels to mix colours in

  • One or more types of liquid transfer tools, for example pipettes or spoons

  • Warm water


Place warm water into cups or bowls with chick peas.

Allow to sit for approximately 5 minutes, and allow children to observe the process and interact with it.

Once the colour has saturated the water, give the children transfer tools and vessels to mix in and watch the magic and learning happen!

If you've made the colour strong enough(dependant on water and chick pea amounts), once you're done you can use the colours as watercolour paints!

Once you're through with the chick peas you might note and have a conversation about why the chick peas are now larger than your remaining dry chick peas.

Another fun way to try this activity is to put a couple of two different colour chick peas directly into the warm water together and watch as the colours intermingle and become a different colour before your eyes!

Hope you enjoy trying this fun activity at home and come back for more!

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