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Crazy About Cornmeal!

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Our smooth, soft, colourful cornmeal is a great alternative to sand!

Great for practicing writing letters and numbers on a flat surface, scooping, pouring, sifting, funneling, and more! This cornmeal builds fine and gross motor skills, and helps create a better understanding of solids and how they can behave similarly to liquids sometimes.

Similarly to our other fun stuff, this is available individually or in bundles so you can decide colours and sizes, and allow your child to do the mixing at their own discretion!

Before mixing the colours together, you may consider introducing an art activity with glue and paper. Whether it be glue sticks or liquid glue, this finely ground substance will stick to it to create something neat and different!!!

We also carry several tool packages that nicely accompany our cornmeal to enhance the learning and playing that will ensue! Try different sized funnels, different types of strainers, pouring as well as brushing this material for so many different experiences.

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