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Bubbly bubbly bubbly

Science, colour mixing and making messes! What more could a kid want?!

"What colour do you think this one is going to be?" I asked each time they began a section. The guesses were plentiful as they hadn't seen me prepare it and I did my best to make each trays' layout unique for the element of surprise.

They squealed with glee as each colour slowly emerged in the bubbles and began to saturate the whiteness of the powder and they were able to identify it. Isn't it interesting that as the red developed the first guess was pink? A discussion about how pink is made was clearly in order once things got darker!

Once all of the colours had been revealed, one of the children had the brilliant idea to pour the mixtures together onto the tray! What colour would they make? Was there more bubbles to come? "What if I pour the rest of the vinegar into the tray?" One child asked. "I don't know, what do you think? Give it a try!" I say and an eruption of bubbles and colours quickly follows.

This activity was not only super exciting, fun and educational, but it challenged our motor skills as well!

Can't wait to get into this one with some more kiddos this week!

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