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Art With....Cornmeal?!?!

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

The spring weather has put that artistic and creative pep back in my step, and I hope it has for you too!

Today we're working with cornmeal again, but this time incorporating it into art!

You can start either by making a drawing yourself and letting them find out what it is, or giving them a glue stick or either a bottle of liquid glue or liquid glue with a paintbrush to make a picture with.

Once they're done gluing you can give them their cornmeal with spoons, or they can use their fingers to place the cornmeal around the picture until the glue is covered up.

Then you simply give it a little shake and show them their handy work!

A couple tips for this type of project: 1) Add some pigment to your glue which could be food coloring, paint or anything that will make their design more visible to them while they're creating, or use glue that starts off coloured and dries clear. 2) Give them a small amount of cornmeal to start, otherwise you could just end up with a pile of cornmeal!

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