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Art Meets Sensory!

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Interested in other ways to use Creation Station materials? Wondering how Art fits in?

Here are a couple of examples of art that can be done at various ages using the following materials:

· Coloured Pasta

· Coloured Rice

· Coloured Chick Peas

· Coloured Split Peas

The first photo is a picture made by our Chief Experience Officer. As an adult she had the patience to carefully place the various materials just how she wanted them, and the result was a beautiful outdoor scene depicting flowers, a tree and more!

The second photo depicts an early artists version of working with these materials. Given a cut-out butterfly, a spreader and glue, a mix of our dry sensory materials and their imagination, this lovely butterfly quickly got covered in bright colours! Once the artist was happy with their work, the butterfly was glued down to a background (in this case we used a piece of scrapbook paper and a canvas) which allows the art piece to really stand out!

As you can see, this activity could be targeted at various age groups, and each result will be unique to the person’s abilities and personalities. While doing an activity like this, children build fine motor skills, dexterity, patience and more! Most importantly, they have fun doing it!!!!

Work on a collaborative project, watch them explore independently, or create side by side and let your inner artist shine. Find the materials you need for this project in our shop!

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