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Mini Bin Market

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Great for party favours, to try a bin out or for an on the go activity, these bins are miniatures of many of our regular themed sensory bundles!

Get a little taste of sensory for just $8.99 or even less the more you purchase!

Want to complete it with a box? Add either mini boxes for storage and small play, or shoeboxes for larger play!

Construction: Small Base Mix, 1x Construction Truck, Small amount of rocks, 8x Road/Construction Site signs

Farm: Small Base Mix, 3x Farm Animals, 1x Small Farm Item, 4x Fence links

Camouflage: Small Base Mix, 4x insects/amphibians, 1x Magnifying glass, 1x Stick, 3x Plant pieces, Bug Noodles, Camouflage Ribbon and Yarn lengths

Ocean: Small Base Mix, Assortment of shells, stones and clear glass stones, Assortment of blue string and Nautical Cord, 3x Ocean Animals

Fairy/Gnome: Small Base Mix, 1x Medium Decor Item, 1x Small Decor Item, 2x Gnomes, Assortment of black and clear stones

Dinosaur: Small Base Mix, 3x Dinosaurs, Stones, 1x Tree, 1x Watering hole

Spring: Small Base Mix, 1x Clip On Butterfly, Assortment of Butterfly and Flower embellishments, Assortment of Ribbon Lengths, Faux Flowers

Unicorn: Small Base Mix, 2x Plastic Unicorns, 3x Rubber Unicorns, Assortment of Sparkly Treasures

*Please note: minor adjustments may be made based on material availability*

*Please note: As items are hand dyed, minor variations in colour do occur*

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