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What does my child get from playing with Sensory Products?


Sensory products provide children with the opportunities that they crave for fun and engaging play, while also allowing them to develop many types of skills.

Not only does working with sensory materials aide development in areas such as fine & gross motor skills, cognitive growth, understanding the behaviours of different materials and textures, and building nerve connections that they will continue to develop as they grow, it also provides a platform for growth of more specific skills and knowledge such as:

  • Colour identification

  • Counting

  • Patterns

  • Sorting

  • Creativity

  • Shape identification

  • Colour mixing

  • And more!

Creation Station's sensory products encourage all of this development and skill building through play! Check out our Sensory Coloured Chick Peas, Split Peas, Navy Beans, Rice, and Multi-Pasta, as well as our Slime and Play Dough for a diverse variety of sensory materials!


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