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Enriched Childcare Services
  • Enriched childcare for children aged 2 years old and up
    4 hr
    Starting at $125

Enriched Childcare Services

Have an appointment? Need a date? Just need some time to get things done without being summoned constantly? Drop-in care could be for you! No long-term commitment, flexible timing, and high quality care that will enrich your child's day and give them new, fun experiences to enhance their development and have fun doing it!

I'm an Early Childhood Educator with a passion for working with children. I love planning activities, but letting the children guide how they progress. I believe in play and experience based learning and having conversations about things as we do them. Children are constantly experimenting, mentally taking data, and learning from their interactions. It is my goal to use conversations with children to engage them in thoughtful activities so they can learn as much as possible from their experiences. But mostly, it's my goal that they have fun! Click below to see my Resume and Reference Letters!

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