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What is it we do?

Art and sensory are key tools in the development of children, especially at young ages. Even if a child wasn't born to be a creator, they can learn a lot through the process of arts & crafts, and through sensory exploration. We give caregivers and their children an opportunity to explore with materials they may otherwise not have access to, without the hassle and time of running around to collect and prepare the materials, and without having to DIY the materials themselves!

Sensory Exploration Products

split peas colour burst.jpg


Sensory products provide children with the opportunities that they crave for fun and engaging play, while also allowing them to develop many types of skills.

Not only does working with sensory materials aide development in areas such as fine & gross motor skills, cognitive growth, understanding the behaviours of different materials and textures, and building nerve connections that they will continue to develop on as they grow, it also provides a platform for growth of more specific skills and knowledge such as:

  • Colour identification

  • Counting

  • Patterns

  • Sorting

  • Creativity

  • Shape identification

  • Colour mixing

  • And more!

At Home Activities!


Are you and your child(ren) sick of being stuck at home these days?


Well keep doing it, because if we stay united, we can stay safe and beat this pandemic!


Until then, here are some fun products designed for at home learning and exploration.


Whether sorting pasta, stretching slime, or designing an imaginary world in Play Dough, these products will keep your children occupied for a portion of those long days of staying home and staying safe!

Nobody loves being told to calm down!


Is your child easily frustrated? Us too! :P


Sensory input can have calming affects on the mind and body through giving the brain something relaxing to focus on.


Squish a ball of Play Dough into oblivion, scoop handfuls of colourful rice and let them fall gently through your fingers, let slime take on a mind of its own with the help of gravity, or sort through and make a design using noodles.


Allow the brain to take a side trip to sensory town and come back feeling calmer and more reasonable!


Who are we?


The Founder

Jessie Scholz is an Early Childhood Educator born and raised in Victoria BC. After working with children one-on-one as well as in groups for the better part of her life, Jessie realized where the greatest part of her passion was; children’s art and sensory activities! Further to her interest in children’s development and enjoyment in these activities, is her interest in helping parents to understand the benefits of them, as well as how to support their little ones so that they can get the most out of the process. And so, Creation Station was born; a space where art and sensory become approachable, fun, and a learning opportunity for all involved!  

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